Performing a Product Search

Hi, I’m Chris Malta, CEO of Worldwide Brands. Once you’ve been through the Dashboard tutorial and are familiar with your Dashboard functions, you’re ready to begin performing Product Searches.

This chapter provides tips that will help you get the most out of Worldwide Brands’ Product Sourcing Tool.

The Product Search is the primary search field that you will use to locate wholesalers and gather valuable market research information.

Performing a product search is easy, just select a category, type in a keyword, and click “search.”

If you want to explore other product ideas related to this keyword, select on any of the products within the Smart Search window to conduct the search with the keywords listed.

If you do not see that Smart Search window, access you’re My Account Profile, and underneath your user name and password you can select to activate Smart Search.

Let’s conduct an example product search. Let’s find wholesalers that carry clocks. You don’t have to select a category although Best Practices encourages selecting a category. Let’s just type in the word “clocks” and then click the “search” button.

The search query will go through thousands of wholesalers to find those who carry the product you’re searching for. Once the search is complete you will see the number of product categories available within drop ship wholesalers, light bulk wholesalers, instant import buys, liquidation auctions, and large volume wholesalers, and liquidation wholesalers.

Please note the large volume wholesalers and the liquidation wholesalers are based on the category that you select, not the keyword.

Directly across from each type of wholesaler is the number of product types related to your search. Since we’ve only told the search that we’re looking for “clocks” we see that there are a number of different types of clocks within the product type results.

If we’re looking for a drop shipper that carries alarm clocks, you need to select “drop ship,” “Product Type” link. We then see the number of Suppliers who will Drop Ship these products.

You can also change your search to be more specific. After you’ve drilled down to the type of product you’re looking for, simply click the number next to that product type and you’ll see the current wholesalers who carry that product.

The icons here will let you know if this particular Supplier will ship internationally, if they’re a drop shipper and a light bulk wholesale supplier at the same time.

Then, simply click on a wholesaler to view their listing to see the types of products that they carry, sample images, and information on how to contact the wholesaler

When you select the Supplier all the contact details are immediately available. This fast drill down quickly prepares you to make the right call to a valid Supplier who is ready to work with you.

Don’t forget you can also add your search to your ‘My Saved” Searches so that you can access this search again at any time from your “Dashboard.”

In this Chapter we have searched for Product. In the next session we will examine Best Practices for selecting Wholesalers.