Hello, I’m Chris Malta, CEO of Worldwide Brands. To help you get the most out of Worldwide Brand’s Product Sourcing tool we have prepared this quick video introduction.

Our tour begins when you log in to Worldwide Brands’ Member Center.
To search for Products and Suppliers, click the “Find Products Now” button, the dashboard is the first screen that you see.

The dashboard is the main hub for starting new searches or recalling any saved research you have done. It’s from here that you research ‘what to sell’ and ‘where to find it.’ It’s the place you come back to frequently as you identify products to sell in your online stores.
The dashboard is separated into five main fields; “Product Search,” “My Saved Searches,” “Announcements,” “View All,” and “My Preferred Suppliers.”

“The Product Search” is the primary search field that you use to locate wholesalers and gather valuable market research information. It’s very simple to use. Just select a category from the Search Drop Down Box, and in the “Search for” box, type in a product keyword, and select “Search.”

For example: let’s select the category “Baby & Maternity” and search that category for “Gift Baskets.” Now select: "Search." This takes you to the Search Result page – but we’ll spend more time on that later.

Let’s go back to the Dashboard. Below the Worldwide Brands logo, select “Dashboard.”

‘My Saved Searches’ is a great way to organize your product searches and previous research. In this field of the dashboard, you can view all the research you have saved during any past research session. You can also sort your saved research by date, term, category, or percent analysis.

For example, here are a few saved searches.

Let’s click “analysis percent.” My saved searches are now organized by which products show the highest probability of selling well online, sorted from easiest to most difficult.

Announcements will display here in the “Announcement Field” of the Dashboard. We at Worldwide Brands will use this field from time to time to keep you up to date with breaking product sourcing news that will benefit your business.

“View All” is the database index. At any time you can browse through all of the product types, brands, and wholesalers listed in the database alphabetically.
For example, let’s say you wanted to see all product types available from the thousands of wholesalers currently listed. From the View All menu simply click the “products” link and browse through the product type listings alphabetically.

There are many pages of results which you can flip through by clicking the “Next Link” in the bottom right-hand corner of each page.
While browsing the “product type” index if you see a product that interests you simply click that product name and the search will automatically start to also provide you with Market Research information for that product.

You can also go to a Product List by alphabetic selection. Let’s say you wish to research “P A Speakers.”

From the alphabet across the upper third of the page, select the letter: “P.” It takes you right there, saving so much time.

If you want to return to the Dashboard, simply select the Dashboard link in the top, left hand corner of the window.

By selecting the “Suppliers” Link in the “View All index,” you can view all of the wholesalers currently listed alphabetically.

You can also see if, in addition to Drop Shipping, the Supplier will sell to you in Light Bulk and/or ship internationally.

From the Drop Down Box below “Supplier Search” at the top left of the page, select the type of wholesaler that you would like to view.

You can limit your search to only show drop ship wholesalers, light bulk wholesalers, large volume wholesalers, or liquidation wholesalers.

In the search field, you can enter the wholesaler name, if you know it: Let’s try “PB Travel” who have some great Travel Goods. Now select: “Search.”

The result lists the vendors with a similar name. Let’s click on the link.

This takes you to the Supplier Page and a full page of information on the Supplier including the Supplier’s featured brand names, a list of all the available product types, a place for recording notes about the Supplier and products, and a fast application for an account with this Supplier.

You can also search by location. For example, if you were located in California and you wanted to view all the drop ship wholesalers in California, simply enter “California” into the “Search Field,” from the Category Drop Down Box, select “Dropship Wholesalers” and select search. The database will provide you with a list of suppliers in the search location.

Click this check box to show only wholesalers who will ship internationally and click here to view “Only the last 30 suppliers added.”

Remember, our research team here at Worldwide Brands adds new wholesalers every day so this tremendous resource is always growing. This is another huge time saver when you only want to research newly listed Suppliers.

Once again, if you want to go back to the Dashboard, select “Dashboard” in the top left hand corner of your screen.

Here in the center-right section of the Dashboard, is your own personal file folder of wholesalers that you have saved during your various research sessions.

“My Preferred Suppliers” is a great way to quickly access your favorite wholesalers.

Let’s see how easy it is to add a Supplier in this section. Note the “White Question Mark in a green circle. Run your cursor across this question mark. A Drop Down Window provides the “How To” explanation.

Let’s select a Supplier again. Let’s search for a Drop Ship Supplier named: “Shock Coffee.”

In the “View All Window” select “Suppliers.” Now in the Supplier Search “Drop Down Box” select: “Dropship Wholesalers.”

In the field to the right of “for:” type the name of the Supplier: “Shock Coffee” and press: “Search.”

The search result lists the businesses with this name. Click on the link.

You then reach the contact page for this Supplier. Page down and you will see all the contact information you need to make that first call and secure an account with them.

In the upper third of the display to the right you see a button: “ADD TO MY SUPPLIERS.” Select this button.

Now, below the Worldwide brands logo in the top left of the page, select the link to “Dashboard”.

See what’s now listed in your “Preferred Supplier” Section?

If at any time you wish to remove a supplier from your “My Preferred Suppliers” list simply click the date the Supplier was first selected as ‘preferred’. The whole Supplier line will highlight yellow, then select the “Remove” button in the lower right corner of the page. The system checks for confirmation before you select and remove from this section.

At any time if you would like to export any of your data here on your Dashboard, you can select “Export or Print” and this will open up a window that you can either print or download to Excel. Note that for “print” there is a “Print” Button but to export to Excel you select a link just below the Print button.

Let’s close that window.

If you would like to remove any of your saved searches, select anywhere in the search except the underlined link. The Line will highlight yellow, and you then select “Remove”.

The Dashboard provides you quick access to the different sections of Worldwide Brands’ Product Search Engine. In the next tutorials we will provide hints on some of the Best Practices to use with this excellent research and business tool.