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Our Directory of WBI Certified® Wholesalers gives you instant access to thousands of the same top-level Wholesalers used by Big Retail Stores.

From mainstream products to truly unique niche even small home-based online sellers can work with REAL Wholesalers and get REAL wholesale prices.

How it Works - Product Sourcing Research

Best wholesale suppliers
We Find Top Wholesalers for YOU
It's extremely difficult to find Top-Level Wholesalers by doing a search on the internet. Going to major Wholesale Tradeshows across the United States (and around the world) is where you find the best Wholesale Suppliers.

So that's what we do! We find the industries top Wholesalers so you don't have to.
Certified dropshippers and bulk distributors
We Certify Each & Every Wholesaler
& Drop Ship Company
Rest assured when you sell products directly from a WBI Certified® Dropshipper or Bulk Distributor you are working with a Top-Level Wholesale Supplier. Wholesale Pricing doesn't get any better than this.
Online dropshippers directory
We Add Them To Our Directory
Since 1999 we have been Certifying and adding quality Dropshippers and Bulk Distributors to our Directory...and we add NEW Certified Dropshippers every week for our members to find drop-ship products to sell.

Our Members enjoy the same benefits of working directly with Certified Wholesalers as big retail chains do. Find what to sell with genuine wholesale pricing! There are MILLIONS of wholesale products to choose from in our Directory of WBI Certified® Wholesalers and is a must-have for anyone selling products on the internet!
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You Sell it. They Ship it.
When you sell products directly from a WBI CertifedTM Dropshipper you're working with REAL factory-direct Dropshippers. You don't have to worry about stocking any inventory. They'll provide you with product pictures that you can post in your online store or auction. When you make a sale, they'll ship it to your customer.

Best of all...WBI Certified® Dropshippers will give you the BEST wholesale prices, NO silly fees, and NO middleman markups! Start your drop ship business today with Certified Wholesale Suppliers and real wholesale drop ship products!

WBI Certified Dropshippers vs. Fake 'dropshippers' you find online

Want Inventory?
Don't want to dropship? If you want to hold your own inventory and control your shipments to your customers, then the Light Bulk section of our WBI Certified Directory is the place for you! Using our WBI Certified® Light Bulk Wholesalers you can purchase small "light bulk" volumes of products without it costing you a fortune. This is a great way to get extra volume wholesale discounts on products you sell quickly online.

WBI Certified Light Bulk vs. Typical Large Volume Wholesalers

Your Source for Certified Wholesalers
Certified dropshippers and light bulk distributors
Our Directory of WBI Certified® Dropshippers and Light Bulk Distributors will give you access to THOUSANDS of Top-Level Wholesalers. Our Members sell products in their online stores, eBay, Amazon and auctions directly from same Wholesalers as physical Retail Stores use. They enjoy the benefits of TRUE wholesale pricing, no silly fees and no middlemen!

Whether you are an experienced online seller or just starting out we invite you to join our Members and see for yourself why Certified is Better!