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Dropship Directory
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Dropship Directory

There are several forms of dropship directory available online. Many of them look really attractive and promise you all kinds of riches and success. The thing to understand is that the dropship directory that costs the least and promises you the most riches are the ones that you need to stay away from!

A dropship directory is a tool. The directory itself cannot make you any money. That's something that you have to do yourself! You accomplish this through research, education and hard work. A tool is just a tool and is only as good as the developers make it.

A cheap dropship directory is cheap because it was easy to make. You're familiar with that concept right? How many times have you purchased a cheap product that was on sale in the grocery store checkout and it fell apart the first time you used it? Well, the same is true of an inexpensive dropship directory. The inexpensive directories are full of unverified information that you could just as easily have gotten from a search engine yourself. That bad information will cause you to waste valuable time and money that you could be using to build your business.

So how to you choose a dropship directory? Research! The company with the oldest and best reputation is always the one to go with. Reputations are very short-lived online. If someone is out there selling a bad dropship directory, there will be plenty of bad press out there about them. Places like the (Better Business Bureau) will help tell you whether the dropship directory you're considering is worth your time and money.

The other thing to consider is that drop shipping is a method that's best used for testing markets and getting into new product markets at a low price. Dropshipping is an inexpensive way to get started selling products, but it's not a permanent solution. A dropship directory that contains nothing BUT dropshippers is worthless to you.

As you ramp up your online business into selling more and more of your products, you're going to need to work with bulk wholesalers, liquidators and even import suppliers. Any company that produces a dropship directory must also have a good reputation for providing information on other kinds of wholesale suppliers as well.

Overall, keep in mind that a cheap drop ship directory is cheap because no real effort went into building it, and you need something that's going to work FOR your business, not run you in wasteful circles.

Finding Wholesale Products to sell Online
The ONLY way to get true wholesale prices is to get the product directly from a Certified Product Wholesaler. That is why we have spent years visiting tradeshows, visiting wholesalers and finding genuine wholesale suppliers who will work with new online sellers. It's not easy, but after over a decade we have collected the internet's largest, most comprehensive Directory of Certified Wholesalers you can find anywhere...and we add new WBI Certified® Wholesalers daily! We are the real deal!

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