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Worldwide Brands has gone straight to the experts at United Parcel Services (UPS) to get answers to the shipping and package questions you raised in the Worldwide Brands Forum and blogs. Benita Matthews of The UPS Store has provided tips on best practices to use when packing and shipping items. Jordan Colletta, Vice President of eCommerce at UPS, has offered some "best practices" for you to consider on topics ranging from "free" shipping to online returns. These informational videos will help you automate your shipping information flow, improve communication with your customers and suppliers, allowing you to spend more time on improving your eBiz profitability.


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A specific returns policy that focuses on customer service strategy can provide a competitive advantage for Internet Sellers both in terms of customer satisfaction and saving money.  In this video, UPS shares some practical solutions to handling returns.

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When you're deciding on the shipping and handling cost to charge the consumer for a shipping categories, packaging costs and drop ship fees need to be considered. In this video, UPS shares best practices for calculating your shipping charges.

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Deciding the appropriate shipping rate for a single package is a decision that every online retailer has to make.  In this video, UPS shares how to look at the weight range and make that that decision easier.

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Worldwide Brands has teamed up with UPS to bring the Whole $ale owners answers to packing and shipping questions asked in Worldwide Brands eCommerce Forum. Members in this community can share challenges, successes, and helpful advice. They have direct access to Worldwide Brands' executives and managers, including Chris Malta. The forum community helps it's members examine a variety of topics including drop shipping, selling on eBay, selling on Amazon, shipping products successfully, managing profitable payments, and more. If you are not yet a member of The Whole $ale, find out more now. 

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UPS and Worldwide Brands wishes you a very successful Holiday Season!

Please pass on the tips in these videos to your eBiz friends to ensure they ship successfully. Send them the link to the "Best Shipping Practices" video series to ensure that they pack and ship correctly this season.

UPS and Worldwide Brands both look forward to being of service to you through this Holiday Season and throughout a successful 2009. We extend our best wishes to you, your associates and families.

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To be competitive shipping case packs of products all of the country, we had to make sure we found the right shipping partner. Every penny counts in shipping because freight is such a focus point for online sellers and retailers. We did extensive interviews and price comparisons with all major shippers to include FedEx, DHL, Post Office and UPS. For pricing, convenience and reliability, UPS won our business. Dollar Day uses the UPS WorldShip® system. This gives us the ability to efficiently download each night all of our shipments from all over the country. This in turn lets us notify our customers immediately exactly what is going on with their shipments. The UPS WorldShip® product creates a seamless online system benefiting both suppliers, sellers and customers. Much like you need to trust your shipper to do a good job, we also trust Worldwide Brands to be the source of quality information for online sellers. 

Follow the proven path of success.

Marc Joseph
DollarDays International, Inc.
Worldwide Brands member since 2008


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