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Drop shipping without using drop shippers?

Can you drop ship without using a drop shipper? Yes, you can. It's as easy as buying your wholesale products in bulk and then using a fulfillment center to store and ship them.

If you want to lower your costs by buying in bulk lots, but aren't ready to rent storage space or manage a warehouse staff. . .

Fulfillment offers a perfect solution!

Even if you already purchase your wholesale products in bulk, you may hit a point where you're spending more time shipping orders than sourcing new products to sell online, or find that your inventory is taking over your house. Fulfillment can provide a practical answer to your time and space limitations.

But HOW exactly does Fulfillment work? How do you know if it's the right solution for you? And what practices will cause you to experience the maximum benefits of Fulfillment?

To answer those questions, we teamed up with one of the most popular fulfillment services around - Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) – to create two free How-To videos on fulfillment.

Don’t let the name throw you – Fulfillment By Amazon is NOT just for sellers who are selling on Amazon. If you are selling on eBay or selling on Yahoo, Fulfillment by Amazon can still fulfill your orders – even your own website's orders. The videos below provide you an introduction to pick n pack, fulfillment best practices, and Fulfillment by Amazon.

Fulfillment By Amazon & Worldwide Brands present:
Pick, Pack & Ship

'How does fulfillment work?'... 'When is it right for my e-business?'... 'What are the involved costs?'... Worldwide Brands Director of Marketing, Colette Marshall (former employee), gets the scoop on ecommerce fulfillment straight from Fulfillment By Amazon's Senior Marketing Manager, Andy Epperson. Discover the answers to these and other common questions online sellers have about incorporating fulfillment services into their business model as their sales volume increases.

Fulfillment by Amazon & Worldwide Brands present:
Fulfillment Best Practices

Find out which best practices will enable you to gain the most benefit from your ecommerce fulfillment service. Worldwide Brands Director of Marketing, Colette Marshall (former employee), and Fulfillment By Amazon's Senior Marketing Manager, Andy Epperson, share tips to help you build your multi-channel selling business with confidence. These tips are good, not only for sellers who use Fulfillment By Amazon, but for any online seller using a fulfillment solution.

Research your competitors on Amazon!

In October 2008, Worldwide brands launched a brand new section of the Worldwide Brands Product Sourcing Tool which includes the ability to research products sold on Amazon. Find out what and how your competition is selling on Amazon. Deliver to your customers that great experience every single time when you know what they're looking for. The market research available within your Worldwide Brands Membership and the education available within the Worldwide Brands' The Whole Sale lead you in the right direction. 

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Are you selling on Amazon? Watch free videos about Selling on Amazon

What others are saying!

Amazon accounts for 50% of my sales. Getting set up with Amazon is easy and you will find that the sales will start coming in relatively quickly.

Be sure that you have distributors that you can trust and that will ship out in a timely manor or else you will be left in a rough spot with Amazon. That’s where Worldwide Brands comes in. Their list of distributors is nothing but reputable. Worldwide Brands is the only source I use to find real distributors with real wholesale prices.

Follow the proven path of success.

Andreas Georgiou
Amazon Seller: andreasinc
Worldwide Brands member since 2004


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