Understanding The Internet for Home Business

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understanding the internet for home business

Are you just starting, or already running an Internet business?

Finding yourself confused by terms like Bandwidth , Nameservers, IP Addressing, DNS, Domain Management, Shopping Cart, Email Forwarding, and dozens of other concepts that make little or no sense to you right now? You're not alone!

The Internet is a jungle of Technical Terms and Buzzwords that few people really understand. But, if you're going to do business successfully on the Internet, you must learn to understand these things. Chris Malta is a twenty-year veteran in the Computer Systems field. He knows the Techno-babble inside and out, and what it all really means in English!

In his own unique, humorous style, Chris simplifies "the Dweebish Language" of the Internet in this excellent EBook. He cuts through the "techno-babble", and helps you to easily understand all the things that you thought you never would!

This EBook is a "behind-the-scenes of the Internet" must-read for anyone considering or running an Internet business.