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Sell Products Online Without Inventory

Author: Tisha Hedges
Last updated 8/28/2018

Starting a business online is easier than ever, but there are still aspects of running a business that can bog down a business ... and even bring it down without proper management.

One in particular is shipping -- it's not uncommon for businesses to attract negative reviews due to their performance actually delivering goods their customers purchased online. In addition to poor reviews and overall customer experience, the cost is often what prevents people from really expanding because it's so risk intensive.

This is where dropshipping comes in. Dropshipping means not having any inventory and relying on your wholesale supplier to ship the products out for you. This helps your business because you:

1. Do not have to buy in bulk and have room to hold your inventory
2. Do not have to worry about packing and shipping the products
3. Do not have to hire staff to help you out with your inventory

Having warehouse space means more money spent. Packing and shipping the products yourself means more money spent. Also, as your business grows and more customers are buying from you, you will not have to hire staff to pack and ship items which means even more money spent.

Drop shipping does save time and money and is a great entry point for new online business owners to sell products online.