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Dropshipper Interview 6

Author: Tisha Hedges
Last updated: 11/30/2018

picnic and beyond product sampleMeet Picnic & Beyond. They have been a listed wholesale and drop shipping supplier with us since 2007! Learn about their company...

Who they Are:
At Picnic & Beyond Inc., we combine European style with great American tradition to bring you a huge assortment of quality picnic baskets & accessories. Since 2005, our fast growth and strong customer support has allowed us to become an industry leader and our commitment to our customers remains steadfast. Our team of professional designers creates hundreds of new fashionable designs each year. This enables us to offer our customers unique picnic baskets & accessories in a variety of colors and prices to fit everyone's budget. We truly believe that memorable moments and the great outdoors are necessary to the enjoyment of life. We look forward to building partnerships and relationships with you that will ensure your happiness in the value and integrity of our brand. Whatever the occasion, we have the perfect gift to help create your most special memories.

Product Line:
We provide picnic baskets and backpacks; wine baskets and bags; picnic cooler baskets and bags; picnic totes, wraps and blankets; Coffee bags; BBQ tool sets; Garden baskets and bags; wine set gift box collections and other picnic accessories.