Worldwide Brands Weekly: Week of May 16th, 2011

Worldwide Brands Weekly: Week of May 16th, 2011

May 21st, 2011

worldwide brands weekly dropshippingThis week we covered a few topics involved with the actual operation, maintenance, and overall customer experience you create with your retail store online.

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5 Reasons You Need Dropship Wholesalers

Running a business today involves a lot of risk — especially as a retailer. Brick and mortar retailers don’t have the luxury of drop shipping, so they’re stuck with having to purchase all the products they want to sell upfront … who knows if the product will sell or not? The risk involved can break a business fairly quickly, so it’s important to approach your model with as little risk as possible. This post provides a quick look at a few reasons why drop shipping with wholesalers can help lower this risk and make it easier for online retailers to find success.

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Drop Shipping and Social Communication

Social media has long been a buzz word in the business world, but it’s no longer something up for debate or consideration — it’s a must.

Social interaction is one of the best ways to find and connect with people, support existing customers, and build your brand. How available you make yourself for support during the overall process — especially the drop shipping process — is important to customers, so be sure you consider the options in terms of which networks work for you.

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How to Win Customers With Your Business

The competition is tough … you have to win your customers over if you hope to succeed. The way you do this is up to you, but providing an exceptional customer experience, excellent products and an organized store online will help. In addition, you should consider providing the best possible customer service up to the point of sale as opposed to customer service after the sale alone. This will persuade people to buy from you because you’re making yourself available.

Customer service is more important than ever before … and it’s what will help you win over customers from your competitors.

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How to Clean Your Retail Store Online

There isn’t much talk or emphasis on the importance of cleaning and maintaining your store online, but if we can learn anything from our brick and mortar friends, it’s that a clean retail store and customer experience is key to increasing sales. No one wants to shop in a messy store; likewise, no one wants to have to work to navigate a messy website.

In addition to creating a smooth customer experience with your retail store online, consider visiting and revisiting other parts of your overall website and make tweaks where necessary.

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The Single Most Common Reason Why Online Retailers Fail

There are a lot that goes into finding success as a retailer online, but it seems the majority tend to forget about one major aspect of doing business in general. Drop shipping makes things a lot easier for retailers online, however, it doesn’t completely eliminate the need to actually work. While it sounds nice to relax in a pool as your dropship wholesaler sends out your orders, you could be connecting with future customers, talking with existing customers, and establishing your brand and reach online by staying active.

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