Wholesale Prices are for Retailers NOT the Public

Wholesale Prices are for Retailers NOT the Public

April 30th, 2009

Worldwidebrands.com’s customer support desk is frequently asked:   Can you help me see the wholesale supplier’s prices BEFORE I decide to apply for an account with them?!’ 

Wholesale prices are for Retailers NOT the Public.  Here are the two main reasons why:

  1. Wholesale suppliers compete.  They only expose their prices to people who have been approved for an account with them.   
  2. If consumers can easily determine the wholesale prices for products, they will try to squeeze retailers for unreasonable discounts.  Both the wholesaler and the retailer must make a fair profit to stay in business.   By keeping their wholesale prices confidential, wholesalers protect their retailers.  

This helps you understand why wholesalers require you to to prove that you’re a legitimate retail business, with a Sales Tax ID, to set up an account with them BEFORE they release  a Confidential Dealer Price List.

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