UPS: Integrate Shipping with Order Entry?

UPS: Integrate Shipping with Order Entry?

July 23rd, 2009

Do you want to integrate shipping with order entry so as to avoid rekeying information from your order entry system into your shipping system?

Shipping integration is one of the primary ways UPS helps online retailer streamline their business processes.  After all, you don’t go into business to become a shipping manager.  We want to smooth these processes so that you can spend more time doing what you really enjoy – growing your business. Just think of the amount of time spent rekeying order information into the shipping system as volume grows.  Then think about the number of key entry errors resulting in bad addresses, returned product, and customer dissatisfaction.  There is an integration solution for you regardless of your system.  These solutions generally fall into two categories:

1. First there are multiple do-it-yourself ways in which you can integrate UPS Worldship with your business, with each way reflecting the needs and realities of your processes and systems

2. The second is to use our UPS Ready Program partners to provide you with the software, integration and the know-how to streamline your shipping and other business processes

The UPS Ready program has multiple provider types that can assist you.  There are Application providers that provide ERP and other business management systems.  And there are also are providers who deal with complex integrated shipping systems.  All of these systems have UPS functionality built right into them.   And if you have an existing system, the UPS Ready program also has certified technology providers who will work with you to integrate UPS.

Then, of course, we also have relationships with eCommerce marketplace providers like eBay and Yahoo which also have UPS integration baked right in.  For more information on these and more integration options our viewers should visit

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