UPS Helps with Better Customer Service

UPS Helps with Better Customer Service

August 6th, 2009

Are you looking for ways that UPS can help the online retailer to provide better customer service other than just providing the ever popular driver?

UPS provides visibility.  If you’re a startup eTailer shipping packages you’re going to find yourself spending time on the phone answering “where’s my package” calls.  You’ll take the customer’s number, track the package, and get back to the customer via phone or email.  Quantum View Notify ® lets you send proactive e-mail notifications of key shipment events so you can keep yourself and your customers informed about the status of their packages. That’s valuable package information coming to you and your customers, when you need it, eliminating the time spent tracking your packages over and over again. 

UPS also provides the UPS portfolio of Returns solutions that customers can tailor to achieve balance between cost and customer service.

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