UPS Advises: Which Shipping System to Use?

UPS Advises: Which Shipping System to Use?

July 16th, 2009

Are you just getting started selling online and want to know what shipping system options are available and how to determine which is best for you?

A popular first question is “Hey, I’m going to need to ship this stuff so what should I do UPS?”  The answer is that there are generally two solutions that work well for eTailers; UPS Internet Shipping and UPS WorldShip.  If you’re shipping 25 or fewer packages a week, then UPS Internet Shipping is the perfect way to automate your shipping process and reduce paperwork. To prepare, send, track and pay for shipping (including LTL and air freight shipments) online, all you need to do is register at My UPS and have a credit card or UPS Account. Included in UPS Internet Shipping is a reusable address book to help ensure correct shipping information, and shipping histories and e-mail notifications to give you better shipping insight. You can also use the shipment time and cost feature to compare service options and estimate the time and cost of your shipment, so you pay for exactly the kind of service you need.  You don’t need to download software. And if you need to tailor UPS Internet Shipping capabilities to fit your business needs, you can set your personal preferences and customize your profile, saving time.

If you’re shipping 26 or more packages a week from one location then you would probably benefit by choosing UPS WorldShip, the most popular shipping system.

UPS WorldShip is a free Microsoft Windows-based software that uses your company’s existing customer data to generate shipping labels and forms. It captures your client billing information, making accounting a breeze. And, of course, it allows you to access the complete range of UPS services, such as Quantum View® e-mail notifications that let you and your customers know where shipments are – and when they will arrive.

Not only can WorldShip generate UPS shipping labels featuring your company’s reference codes, barcodes or your company logo, but it also saves your frequently used addresses and can even assign profiles to consignees in your address book for future reference and faster shipment processing. To get started with WorldShip, you’ll need to use a UPS account number to either download the software or request it on a CD.

If you would like to see a very straightforward demo on either of these systems they can go to .  For the WorldShip demo or to for the Internet Shipping demo.

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