QOH – “Quantity on Hand”

QOH – “Quantity on Hand”

June 13th, 2009

Here’s a wholesale term you want to watch carefully: QOH, “Quantity On Hand”. The QOH reveals the quantity of an item the wholesaler has in inventory at any given time.

Some wholesalers keep the QOH in private areas of their web site so that only their retailers can see the QOH of any item. Some wholesalers keep their online retailer interested via email. If you don’t have the QOH for each item you are selling, keep in contact with your wholesale supplier regularly to find out.

This is essential on products you drop ship. Becareful to remove a low stocked item from your Amazon listing, auctions and eBay store when your supplier’s QOH drops too close to zero. You should avoid having back-orders thus being unable to fill your customers’ orders. When you see the QOH stabilize, you know the wholesale supplier has restocked and you refresh your listings. Pay absolute attention to the QOH on hot selling items especially during the holiday season.  Back orders typically result in angry customers and negative feedback.

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