UPS: Packing Products Correctly and Safely

UPS: Packing Products Correctly and Safely

July 9th, 2009


Here are tips provided by Benita Matthews of The UPS Store.  These packing tips are for shipping your products to your customers safely, economically and on time.

Select the Right Box
Start by selecting the right box for the ‘item to be shipped.’  The UPS Store does not recommend that you pack in used boxes.  Each time a box is shipped or used. it looses integrity and can break down in transit.  Likewise we don’t recommend that you use old ‘moving boxes’ or those free gift boxes you get from department stores.

Be careful of old shipping labels that may still be stuck to the used box.  These can cause delay-time in transit to the destination.  You will find the proper weight limit and allowed box strength at the bottom of your box.  This helps you choose the best box for your shipment.

Handling Heavy/Fragile Packages
Heavy and extremely fragile packages definitely require Double Width box.  When you compare the DW lined vs. SW (single width) lined boxes you soon see that more walls of cardboard provide more crush resistance especially for trips down miles and miles of conveyor belts. 

Double Boxing
Depending on how fragile is your item it could be necessary to have it double boxed..

This fragile vase requires Double Boxing to arrive safely at its destination.   First pack it in one box with 2 inches of loose fill, as shown here, and bubble wrapped with ½” bubble at least 2” thick.  Carefully place it in the center of the first box.  Place that box in a second strong box with 2 inches of loose fill surrounding it in the 2nd box.  Now tape closed using the H taping method to ensure proper packing. 

Also tape the bubble wrap with brown packing tape so the recipient will know how to unwrap the gift/item properly.

H-taping Method
You should use the H style for taping a box closed safely and securely.

Do not use Duct Tape or Masking tape as these products could loose their adhesive qualities due to extreme temperatures packages are exposed to en route. Also, do not wrap packages in brown paper and tie up with string. These items can get snagged on conveyor belts or machines while in transit.  Remember UPS guidelines  recommend that neither newspaper, nor bath towels are a proper cushioning for products.

Customized Boxing
The UPS Store carries quantities of different size boxes.  If you ever have a package with an awkward shape or size, the staff at the UPS Store can custom build your box if  The UPS Store does not carry a corresponding box.

Look at this fishing pole.  It requires a Custom Box.  First we use commercial glue for affixing a 2nd box to the 1st box so no shifting or movement will take place.  Then we bubble wrap the pole, insert our loose fill, and tape it up with the H style of taping.

Shipping Products with Batteries
When shipping a toy or electronic item that requires batteries, please remove the batteries first.  If sound or movement occurs, it could possibly be stopped for inspection by UPS and in turn be held up during transit.

Use Shipping Labels
It’s always important to put a shipping label inside of the box in the event the label is removed by a machine during transit. This way, UPS could open the package and would still know where the package is to be delivered.

If you want to learn more you can get all of this information by going to and searching dimensional weight.

AAA Discount
If you are a Member of AAA remember to show your AAA card to The UPS Store associate for 5% off UPS Shipping and 15% off the cost of the box; and packaging materials.

Large/Heavy Packages
If your item exceeds UPS length, width, height and/or the 150 lb maximum weight, please contact the nearest location of The UPS Store for a UPS Freight quote and/or shipping needs.

“Brown” Promotes ‘Green’
And for those “green” customers, should you have any foam packaging peanuts or bubble wrap just hanging around cluttering your home or business, please feel to drop it off at participating locations of The UPS Store for recycling.

Pack and Ship Promise
Participating locations of The UPS Store offer the Pack and Ship Promise. Our promise to YOU is if in the unlikely event an item packed by our associates and shipped via UPS is damaged or lost, you’ll be reimbursed for the item’s value (subject to the lesser of actual value, replacement or repair cost), the full retail price of packaging materials and services, and shipping charges (excluding declared value charges). Restrictions apply. 

WHY do it your self?
You can save time and have one less thing to worry about by having the professionals at The UPS Store Pack and Ship your gift/item.

UPS has ALL the Supplies
If you want to pack your goods yourself, keep in mind that The UPS Store carries all the supplies needed to pack those items.

The UPS Store thanks you for your time and should you have any additional questions, please visit to find the location nearest you.

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