There are two techniques for writing great sales copy.

The first, is when someone needs a shortcut to communicating a sales message to customers. It’s very straightforward. You simply follow the rules of basic journalism. Who, what, when, where and why:

• Who you are
• What you are offering
• How it will positively affect their life
• What they need to do now to buy or learn more

It’s really just that simple. This is powerful enough, on its own, to really make an impact on your sales message and how customers view the product and your online store. For most online retailers, though, it’s simply a realistic way to wrap your brain around the barest of functional sales messages. It can be your “go to” plan when you need to write something fast.

However, when you’re finally ready to move up into the ranks of a great salesman or saleswoman, you have to take it just a little bit deeper.

That’s where the second technique comes into play. For example: “Who you are” is amazingly more powerful when you include the story behind your credibility as a respected and capable expert. Include good testimonials that back you up and add information about how great and much needed your products are, compared to everything else.

Then, “what you have to offer” and “here’s what it will do for you” become crystal-clear through specific emotionally-charged explanations of the products you offer. (Most buying decisions are made with the emotional part of the brain which you must please if you ever hope to rake in the money. Paint a pretty picture in your customers head!)

Finally, once you understand how to construct the simplest of “sales funnels”, it’s easy to close the deal. Your customer actually slides into the action you want him to take, willingly and enthusiastically, because you’ve helped him understand that you’re guy or gal he wants to deal with, you’ve got the goods he actually wants and he can feel good about buying right now.

The difference between these two techniques can be measured in your success selling those products. It will take your breath away how much influence you can exert on almost ANY group of customers once you nail the slightly deeper (but still simple) details hiding behind a truly great  sales message.

The first technique will serve you well, but the second technique will change your life fast.

The steps I’ve outlined here — credibility, testimonials, USP, bullets, sales funnels — are joined by other fundamental advanced elements like finding hooks that grab attention, finding the fascinating core of “your” story, writing headlines, and a few other things that will put you in the same league as the best marketers on the planet.

By Tisha Hedges

Director of Operations for Worldwide Brands, Inc

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