For those that have already launched a web-based business, the next challenge is finding customers. It doesn’t end there though … the process continues on, even after you find a customer and sell something to him or her.

Providing Customer Service

Though drop shipping makes the process of delivering products to customers easier than ever, it doesn’t eliminate the process altogether.

Customer service goes beyond helping people with sales. Excellent customer service leads up to the sale, and then continues beyond in order to assure the customer he or she made a sound choice to buy from you. This is where social communication comes in.

Follow the Customers!

The social web is often criticized as something businesses just do for fun — but the proof is in the pudding, and this pudding is being enjoyed by a lot of business owners and retailers online. Getting involved with the social web is now an important aspect of survival and success as a business owner, because not only does it help in terms of search engine optimization, it also enables business owners to find new customers, and help them with concerns no matter what point in the process they need help.

Make yourself available by getting involved with the social web. This might mean joining Facebook, Twitter, or starting a blog. The best thing to keep in mind is that you need to be where your customers are … that should you lead you to the appropriate social network and other communities.

Making yourself available will enable you to provide answers to those with questions, explain your products or service, pitch your brand to potential customers, invite people to check your content out (without spamming them!), and even drive traffic back to your website. For those that have already become your customers, you’ll find that you can provide them the support they need using these same social communities, which is where your customers feel most comfortable.

So even while your customer waits for you to drop ship their product to them, you can provide them additional support as opposed to disappearing.

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