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Your SEO Keywords Could Be Hurting You


By: Chris Malta,

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important things you can do for your online business. It’s critical to place search engine Keywords not only on your home page, but on all the pages of your site. However, even people who do this religiously and do a good job of it could be unwittingly sabotaging thier own sites by overlooking something very simple.

The problem is this: text editors (word processing programs) and site-builder programs don’t all recognize the characters on your computer keyboard in the same way. You can end up with extra or unexpected characters in your site’s Keywords that you don’t realize are there, and those characters can ruin your SEO efforts.

In a recent Chris Malta Personal EBiz Workshop here in Orlando, we were analyzing one of the attendee’s web sites. We took a look at her web site’s Keywords and found that she had used apostrophes in some of the words. Her site builder program misinterpreted those apostrophes, and inserted slashes before each one, which rendered those keywords unrecognizable to the search engines, and useless to her site.

The word was “Children’s”. As far as she knew, and as far as her web site builder software showed her, the word “children’s” showed up properly in her keywords. However, when we looked at them outside of her software, the keyword was actually showing up as “children/’s”.

Not good.

So, do yourself a favor and do a View Source on your web site’s Keywords when you publish your pages. In Internet Explorer, all you have to do is go to your page, click the “Page” tool in the upper right hand corner of your browser, and click “View Source”. You’ll be able to see the “code” behind your web page. Look for your Keywords and double-check them. This could save you a lot of wondering and worrying about why your site isn’t making sales!

This article has been provided by Chris Malta's blog. Find more great information about your online business on Chris's site. HERE.

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