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Your EBiz: The Faster You Run, The Slower You Go


By: Chris Malta,

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Everybody’s freaked out right now. I mean Everybody. I see it every day in the people I talk to, the companies I deal with, the ridiculous demands from banks and credit card companies, the sneaky ways politicians are sliding changes in law quietly past us, you name it; people are freaked.

Why? There’s a subtle undertone of constant nervousness running quietly rampant throughout this country and the world. It really came into its own when the current recession hit. Nervousness, and it’s closely related cousin, Fear, are very dangerous in business. They make you do things you wouldn’t normally do. You take shortcuts, make bad decisions, and worst of all, you get into a hurry to rid yourself of that feeling. You start to believe that if you can just put some money in the bank, the nervousness will go away.

You start running faster and faster, chasing the next dollar and the next one and the next one, while the time between the earning of each dollar seems to stretch farther and farther out. Working harder and making less money is the hallmark of a recession, and it quickly turns into a vicious cycle that only serves to perpetuate the problem. Because people feel they have to chase money that much faster and harder, they begin to take the shortcuts that cause them further financial hardship down the road.

In the case of home based business owners, this most often takes the form of buying into programs that look cheap at the start and promise the moon and the stars. These programs turn into compete nightmares of financial ruin when they start calling you on the phone and hitting you up for thousands and thousands of dollars in ‘coaching’ and other extremely overpriced and severely underpowered upsells. The people who run these programs actually prey on your nervousness. Their goal is to turn it into Fear. Once they do that, they know they have you, and turning your nervousness into fear turns your fear into money for them, not you.

From there, it’s all downhill.

Take a breath, people. Slow and steady wins the race. I know that’s easy to say and hard to do, but I’ve lived through several recessions. I’ve been flush, I’ve been broke, then flush again. Around and around we go. I can tell you from 35 years of personal business experience that no matter how you come out of this recession, broke or flush, you’ll still be breathing and will live to fight another day. The sun will still rise and you’ll still have more good things in store for you in the future than bad.

In business, the faster you run the slower you go. Every time you make a decision based on fear, you stumble. Stumble enough times in a row, and you fall.

Slow down. Don’t let people make you fearful and then prey on your fears. Quit thinking that your life is over if you don’t put dollars in the bank every day. That’s not what it’s about. It’s about working smart to build the foundation of a real business for that long, happy unwritten future that will be there waiting for you when this recession ends no matter what choices you make.

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