Product Descriptions are one of the key elements that many online retailers don't pay enough attention to. Creating great product descriptions and copy on your website impacts SEO (search engine optimization), your relationship with your customer, the feel of your website, your sales conversion, your overall customer experience...and the list goes on. The product description is the main area where your customer gets to know what the product is. Remember, they can't touch or feel your product, so you have to create the visual for them. You can do this generically by stating a bunch of facts like dimensions, weight, color, etc. or you can create a reason, a story, and the need for the product. You want your customer to say "I have to have this." Here are some tips on how to do this: 1) Answer the who, what, when, where, why, and how about the product? - Who is this product good for? - What is this product used for? - Where is this product best used? - When is this product used? - Why this product is what the customer needs? - How do you assemble this product, and how do you use this product? 2) Relate the product to your customer - it's not just about the look of the product. For example, if you're selling a dog collar that has an LED light on it. Describe a situation where a LED collar would help your customer. For example, being able to see their black dog at night when he's out in the back yard. To learn copywriting, I always refer entrepreneurs to John Carlton's Simple Writing System. His system and power keywords have helped me create emails, copy for websites, and most importantly killer product descriptions. John interviewed me for his upcoming release of Simple Writing System. We drilled down into how copy impacts selling products online. It's jam-packed with great free content so I'd recommend taking a few minutes and listening if you want to learn more about writing great product descriptions and why it's so important. I highly recommend a pen with lots of ink and fast note taking. Plus, it's'll be released tomorrow so check it out. Check it out here!

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