This Weeks:
New Wholesaler Listings

Our Research Team adds new Top-level Dropshippers based on Member requests. Here's just a few of the products carried by Wholesalers we've found and Certified this week!
Remember: You can view ALL of the newest Certified Dropshippers we've added to the Directory (as well as make your own product research requests to our Research Team) in the Member's Area.

Bartender Supplies

Emergency Food Supplies

Kitchen Textiles

Bar Equipment

Canned Garden Seed

Bar Novelties

Table Linens

Vegetable Seeds

Bar Signs


Food Storage






Private Label Apparel

Bath Towels

Sports Uniforms

Beach Towels

Men's Underwear

Baseball Caps

Fashion Hats

Sports Water Bottles

Sports Socks

Children's Pajamas

...and more!

Keep in mind this is only a very small portion of the wholesale products we've added to the Directory this week! We've added a lot more top-level wholesalers so be sure and check them out.

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Notes From The
Tisha Hedges
Director of Operations

Happy Wednesday!

By the end of this week we will have added suppliers so far this month with a combined SKU count of over 30,000 products! Remember, that's on top of the 14,000,000+ products already available in the Directory!

Don't forget to check the Worldwide Brands Dropshpping Blog often for advice, tips and wholesale explanations.

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Your Very Own Research Team!

Even though our Directory is the BIGGEST out there, we still haven't listed every Supplier in the world (yet!). So we still research every day; Certifying new Suppliers, contacting Manufacturers, visiting warehouses and etc. Finding genuine, top-level Wholesalers isn't as easy as doing a search on Google. The best Suppliers are often the hardest to find!

Are you looking for a Supplier for a *specific* product? If you're looking for a Wholesaler who carries products that we don't have listed yet then tell us and we'll put our research team on it! As a Member of Worldwide Brands you have the power and experience of Research Staff in your corner...for FREE. 

Using the "Can't Find it Link" located on the right side of the Directory simply click on the "Submit a Product Request" button. From there, you can let us know what kind of product supplier you're looking for. Our Research Team will do their best to track them down for you. You don't have to just sit and wait either. While we do our Kung-Fu you still have access to MILLIONS of wholesale products you can sell in the meantime!

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