This Weeks:
New Wholesaler Listings

Our Research Team adds new Top-level Dropshippers based on Member requests. Here's just a few of the products carried by Wholesalers we've found and Certified this week!
Remember: You can view ALL of the newest Certified Dropshippers we've added to the Directory (as well as make your own product research requests to our Research Team) in the Member's Area.

Unique Jewelry

Organic Baby Clothing

Runners Wallets

Handcrafted Rings

Cheesemaking Kits

Baby Apparel

Fashion Bracelets

Hooded Towels

Arm Wallets

Beer Making Kits


Baby Rompers



Military Watches

Organic Chocolate Bars

Men's Watches

Jogging Accessories

Chocolate Truffle Bars

Dive Watches

Soap Making Kits

Natural Chocolate Bars

Pilot Watches

Milk Chocolate Bars

Wrist Wallets

...and more!

Keep in mind this is only a very small portion of the wholesale products we've added to the Directory this week! We've added a lot more top-level wholesalers so be sure and check them out.

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Notes From The
Tisha Hedges
Director of Operations

Happy Wednesday!

By the end of this week we will have added suppliers so far this month with a combined SKU count of over 14,200 products! Remember, that's on top of the 14,000,000+ products already available in the Directory!

Don't forget to check the Worldwide Brands Dropshpping Blog often for advice, tips and wholesale explanations.

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Free Updates! Faster Access.

Each and every week our Fulltime Research Staff finds and Certifies NEW Wholesalers. That means on top of the MILLIONS of wholesale products already listed we add new ones every day. Whether you're a new member or seasoned veteran you'll always have a great selection of products to sell online!  

As a Member of Worldwide Brands you get FREE updates to ALL of the current Suppliers and new Suppliers we add every week. As an added benefit we have now included the ability to setup your own Supplier Notifications so you'll know when we add a new Supplier that you may want to use.   

After you login to the Directory look to the right and you'll see the Notifications section. Just click Settings and then select the product categories that interest you. When we add a Certified Wholesaler that carries products in that category we'll display them for you in this area so you can get right to work. This new feature is a great time saver and just one of the many new benefits we have provided for our Members!

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