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will work with online sellers. Only the best of the best make
their way into our Directory of Certified Wholesalers.

Here's some of the product lines we've found new Wholesalers
for this week...

wholesale wall mirrors
wholesale printable recipes
wholesale hair accessories
wholesale onesie pj's
wholesale custom heels
wholesale kitchen faucets
wholesale bucket tables
wholesale footed pajamas
wholesale bridal shoes
wholesale shower heads
wholesale baby headbands
wholesale cd cookbooks
wholesale table magnets
wholesale decorative mirrors
wholesale throw blankets
...and more!

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Common Holiday Sales Issues for Online Retailers

Holiday sales are extremely important for online businesses. This is the time of year when you get a big boost in sales and you don?t want to miss out on your piece of the multi-billion dollar pie! There are some common problems that many online retailers face for Holiday sales.

1. Starting too late: This is the biggest one. Every year in July, we recommend that if you are going to start an online business, you should get started in the summer in order to catch the most Holiday sales. It?s true! In order to get your store completed, have your marketing plan together and started and get your SEO completed, you are already nearing the Holiday selling season. It takes time to get your online store perfected, and ready for the masses. So if you start too late, you will have to wait until next year!

2. Forgetting about Mobile Shoppers: This was one of my 7 Deadly Sins of Store Design mishaps and it takes place here too. Mobile shopping is on the rise and many people are turning to mobile devices to search for products to buy and to purchase directly from their smartphones or tablets. If your online store isn?t mobile shopping friendly, you will miss out on these customers because they will be frustrated by searching your site. Most everyone has some sort of mobile device these days, so test your store out and see how your customers would interact with it and make corrections specifically for them.

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