This Weeks:
New Wholesaler Listings

Our Research Team adds new Top-level Dropshippers based on Member requests. Here's just a few of the products carried by Wholesalers we've found and Certified this week!
Remember: You can view ALL of the newest Certified Dropshippers we've added to the Directory (as well as make your own product research requests to our Research Team) in the Member's Area.

Children's Books


Docking Stations

Emergency Food Supplies

Educational Books

Whey Protein Mixes

Disaster Preparedness

Coloring Books

Six Port USB Chargers

Protein Powders

Camping Foods

Charging Stations


Sea Shell Wind Chimes

Note Cards

Tobacco Travel Pouches

Seashell Jewelry

All Natural Hair Care

Outdoor Games

Stationary Products

Scent Proof Herb Holders

Backyard Games

Sea Shell Home Decor


...and more!

Keep in mind this is only a very small portion of the wholesale products we've added to the Directory this week! We've added a lot more top-level wholesalers so be sure and check them out.

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Notes From The
Tisha Hedges
Director of Operations

Happy Wednesday!

We are still adding awesome niche suppliers this month! These were based on our member's product requests. 

We are working very hard researching each and every one of these requests to locate suppliers to add to the Directory.

So if you haven't heard from the Research Team yet, don't worry, your request was received!

By the end of this month, we will have added suppliers with a total SKU count of 14,000+ products! That's on top of the 14 million already in the Directory!

Do you enjoy the Directory and other information we provide? Let us know! Members, once you login to the Member Center, click to leave a testimonial! (center bottom)

Best wishes, your "Newsleditor"

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