This Weeks:
New Wholesaler Listings

Our Research Team adds new Top-level Dropshippers based on Member requests. Here's just a few of the products carried by Wholesalers we've found and Certified this week!
Remember: You can view ALL of the newest Certified Dropshippers we've added to the Directory (as well as make your own product research requests to our Research Team) in the Member's Area.

Homemade Soaps

Gluten-Free Food

Natural Lotions

Sugar Free Desserts

Bath & Body Products

Sauce Mixes

Hunter's Soap

Food Coloring

Natural Pet Shampoo


Golf Bags

Soup Bases

Golf Push Carts

Vegan Foods

Golf Accessories

Asian Sauce Mixes

GPS Holders

Lemon Extract

Golf Towels

...and more!

Keep in mind this is only a very small portion of the wholesale products we've added to the Directory this week! We've added a lot more top-level wholesalers so be sure and check them out.

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Notes From The
Tisha Hedges
Director of Operations

Have you seen our New Directory we just made available? Check it out HERE!

By the end of this week we will have added suppliers with a combined SKU count of over 1,500 products! Remember, that's on top of the 14,000,000+ products already available in the Directory!

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Keeping Your Customers Safe!

When a shopping customer buys a product from you they're trusting YOU with a lot of important personal information. From credit card numbers to their own address, they believe that you're not handing over that information to anyone suspicious.

Sellers who try to find their own Dropshippers online run the very REAL RISK of falling for fake wholesaler scams. In a world where Identity Theft and selling 'contact information' to spam lists runs rampent online, what do you think the chances are that a fake dropshipping scam is really going to keep your customers personal contact information safe and sound?

As a Member of Worldwide Brands you don't have to worry about the Dropshippers and Suppliers you're working with. We make it OUR JOB to ensure you work with Safe, Secure, Top-Level Wholesalers that are 100% Scam-FREE. We Certify EVERY Supplier we add to our Directory so you can sell online with complete confidence in the knowledge that the Dropshipper you're using is the real deal. Just another of the many FREE benefits you have with your Worldwide Brands Membership!

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