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Why ‘Instant SEO’ Doesn’t Work


By: Chris Malta,

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You probably see them almost every day. The constant emails harping at you to buy the latest and greatest SEO (Search Engine Optimization) product. They claim your web site will hit the top of the Google search pages in no time, and you’ll have so many visitors to your site that you won’t know what to do with all the money you’re making.

Guess what? Sometimes, it works. Yes, you read it right. Sometimes, when the programs come from well-known search engine optimizers, they WILL get you to the top of the search engines pretty quickly, and you will start to see some increased sales.

But, there’s a catch. (Sheesh, isn’t there always?)

The catch is this: These “instant SEO” programs only work for a very short time, and then your web site disappears again and leaves you wondering what happened.

Never fear, though…those same people will be after you soon for another couple of hundred bucks for another easy or instant program just like the first one. That one might work too. For a short time. Then you disappear again, and the jiffy-SEO guys are at you again for more money for yet another quick fix.

These guys know that’s going to happen, and they’re going to keep trying to get you to pay for quick fix after quick fix after quick fix. All the while, you spend all your time building all these quick fixes into your site and then removing them when they quit working. Your site bounces up and down in the search engines like an insane yo-yo until Google just gets fed up with you and drops you from their search index altogether.

Why do these quick fixes only work for a short time? Because they’re based on the quick-fix SEO guys finding loopholes in Google’s algorithm. (Google’s algorithm is a mathematical formula that acts like the Editor of a newspaper, deciding what gets printed and what doesn’t, and whether it’s on the first page or the last).

So these guys find loopholes in Google’s algorithm, and fool Google with them. Guess what? Google does NOT like to be fooled.

The guys at Google buy these quick-fix programs too, then they change their algorithm so that the loopholes close, and the quick fixes don’t work anymore.

Google changes their algorithm in response to these things and other issues more than FOUR HUNDRED TIMES A YEAR.

But of course, the quick-fix SEO guys already have the next three loopholes figured out, so they just send you an email or call you and tell you to buy the next one. They make money, you work your fingers to the bone and get dizzy yo-yo-ing up and down in Google, and on it goes.

Don’t fall for this crap. Real SEO is a process. Google owns 85% of the search engine market for a good reason…they have a very good algorithm, capable of giving their users the info they’re looking for instantly. All Google really wants is honest info about your web site.

If you focus your site on a single subject (or product line), do your keyword research to find out how people are searching for what you do, and then simply work the process, you’ll find yourself ranking well the right way, and your site won’t disappear from Google every time some joker is getting ready to sell you another piece of junk.

Think of Google as a newspaper:

1. A newspaper sends out reporters to gather stories. Google sends out little programs called Spiders to do the same thing online.

2. The reporters turn their stories in to the newspaper Editor. The Spiders turn their stories (the content of your web site) in to Google’s algorithm.

3. The newspaper Editor decides whether the reporter’s story is current, compelling, relevant to what people want, contains all the pertinent facts, is understandably written, and is focused tightly on the subject at hand. Google’s algorithm determines whether the content of your web site is current, compelling, relevant to what people want, contains all the pertinent facts, is understandably written, and is focused tightly on the subject at hand.

Treat every page of your web site like it’s simply a different paragraph in the same story, and you’re well on your way to real Search Engine Optimization.

Yes, there’s a lot to learn about SEO in order to do it right, and what I’ve described above is only the beginning. However, the very first thing to learn is that quick fixes are a waste of time and money.

This article has been provided by Chris Malta's blog. Find more great information about your online business on Chris's site. HERE.

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