Anyone who has operated a retail business knows that you get more lookers than you do shoppers and it's the same for online stores as it is for physical shops . But even if you take the lookers out of the equation, the shoppers can still be broken down into groups and you can use this information to help structure your business. The millions upon millions of people that shop online can basically go into three categories: Price Shoppers: Price Shoppers biggest concern is looking for the lowest prices around – these are the Wal-Mart shoppers, bargain shoppers. These shoppers are ones that are on a tight budget. For online shopping, they mostly window shop. Looking at products they can’t afford and dreaming about them. Value Shoppers: Value Shoppers don’t mind paying a little extra for great service and good quality. Value shoppers, during a recession, will flip to the Price Shopper group. They run away from the costly department stores and head to price conscience stores. For online sales, these shoppers are looking for free shipping, discounts & coupons. This is the largest group of consumers & you have to go the extra mile to get them to buy in your store. Luxury Shoppers; Luxury Shoppers always seem to have money during any kind of recession. These shoppers always buy what they want, when they want & don’t care about prices. If they find a product online that is of good quality, considered luxury & probably something they have never seen before, they will not hesitate to pull out their credit card to buy. Here at, we always recommend that you perform your market research to locate a niche product that will allow you to compete in the current online market. Luxury shoppers are a great target audience because they have money to spend and we all like shoppers with money. They are also more prone to purchase add-on product suggestions you make. Value shoppers are a good target too and often gravitate toward niche product websites because they like the feeling of security/authority a niche site often provides. Tips for Targeting Value Shoppers: - Include product reviews for the products you sell. - Spend time educating yourself about the product(s) you sell and relay that information on your site so your customers know you ARE an authority on that product. - Offer free shipping and as many discounts as you can afford. Tips for Targeting Luxury Shoppers: - Offer as many product add-ons & accessories as you can for your niche. - Offer 'packages' at higher price-points that bundle products and add-ons into one easy order. Luxury shoppers like easy. Understanding who your target audience is can help you close more sales by designing your store and product selection accordingly. If you plan to dropship, stay away from bargain shoppers because you will have a hard time competing. But you can easily target Value and Luxury shoppers with a niche-focused store!

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