It's a rare privilege... be able to make an announcement that completely changes and greatly improves the way certain critical things are done, in such a vast field as the ECommerce Marketplace. It's even more rare to actually be a part of creating that change, and for that I have to credit the entire Team here at Worldwide Brands, who have worked so hard to make this possible. Over the past year, myself, my business partner Rob Cowie, and everyone on the Worldwide Brands Team have been working toward creating the next generation in Product Sourcing Technology. The endless brainstorming sessions, the late night hours, the hundreds of consultations with ECommerce Professionals are finally done. The tens of thousands of lines of programming code, the exhaustive beta testing and the user interface design are complete. The new web site, the new educational videos and written materials, the help center, the customer service tools...all wrapped up and ready to go. The sneak preview unveiling of this new product to everyone from eBay and Entrepreneur Magazine Executives, to all the top ECommerce Professionals who matter in this business, was a smash success, right down to every single person who saw it. And now, we're ready to present it to the people who matter the most: all the Home-based EBiz Owners who have ever struggled with the question, "What do I sell online, and where do I find real wholesalers to get it from?". It took years of hard work and a commitment to excellence... get us to this place. In 1999, I developed The Drop Ship Source Directory. Shortly thereafter, Worldwide Brands was formed. A couple of years later, we created The Market Research Wizard. Then we developed The Light Bulk Wholesale Directory, The General Wholesale Directory, and so on. Over the past 8 years, we have been driven by two underlying principles; Honesty and Hard Work. We have never compromised our ethics, and instead have taken the longer, harder road to actually produce only REAL Product Sourcing information that we build on and add to every single day. Over the years, this has earned us the reputation of being the internet's most trusted source of ECommerce Wholesale Information. REALLY helping people succeed in their EBiz endeavors has also earned us countless thousands of thank-you emails and phone calls from all the people who know how extremely rare it is to find a truly honest company in the product sourcing information industry. THAT in itself is the best reward we could ask for. We had most of the pieces of the Product Sourcing puzzle... ...and we knew it was time to build the REST of the pieces, and then put them ALL IN ONE PLACE. So, that's what we did, and we did it so thoroughly that it it took us a full year of seemingly endless days and nights to complete. We've taken all the Product Sourcing Tools we've ever developed over the years and all the Market Research technology and knowledge we've created, vastly improved all of it, built in ALL types of Wholesale Supply methods, added instant wholesale purchase capability, and turned it all into a SINGLE product that IS the next generation in Product Sourcing! It's called OneSource. It launches on New Year's Eve, December 31, 2006, and all the experts agree that it changes Product Sourcing forever, and it really is the ONLY Source for Wholesale Product Sourcing that you'll EVER need. I'd like to personally invite you... be one of the FIRST to take a FREE Video Tour of the unveiling of this incredible new Product Sourcing Tool that me and my entire company have poured our hearts and souls into for nearly a full year. We would truly appreciate it, and we think that you will, too! Just Click Here for the Free Video tour, or simply go to and click on ANY Free Preview button. Have a WONDERFUL and SUCCESSFUL New Year! Chris Malta CEO, Worldwide Brands Inc.

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