Every single product has its own keyword market—different keywords that people are using when they search for that product online. Online retailers who are serious about making internet selling a full-time business have to learn how to gather and analyze a products keyword market. You have to know how to collect the many different keywords and keyword phrases that people use when they search for a particular product online. For every product you research you’ll create a keyword list. A good keyword list contains the many different ways people online are searching for that product. By knowing how many different keyword variations there are for a product you’ll know what kind of customer base you can potentially have for that product—before you even start selling it! For example, if you were thinking about selling fish tanks you would want to find out how many ways people are looking for fish tanks when they search online. You might find: • 4,000 people searching typed in fish tank • 2,500 people typed in fish tanks (with an s) • 700 people typed in aquariums • 500 people typed in 10 gallon fish tank • And so on… Each different keyword or keyword phrase you find for a product can represent different groups of customers! The more relevant keywords you can add to your list, the more potential traffic you can tap into. The power you have to really tap into a variety of customers online looking for your product really starts to uncover as you begin thinking in terms of keywords. Keywords are truly the KEY to finding shopping customers online and retailers get very creative when it comes to finding new groups of potential customers to tap into online. With an online business, you have so much more ability to drive traffic, try out new ideas and search for new customers than any brick and mortar store has ever had in the history of retailing. Learn to love keywords. They are your best friend as an online seller and the more you know how to research a products’ keyword market, the more customers you will be able to uncover that many people may not know about. ***This has been a special excerpt from the eBook Simple Market Research. For full step by step training training and tutorials visit: SimpleMarketResearch.com

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