There are some resources out there that will tell you not to tell the wholesale supplier that you plan to sell online and then there are others that suggest that you should tell them. Myself, being in business for such a long time and helping my family with their manufacturing and wholesale business, I can tell you from the view of the wholesale supplier what you should do. When you are searching for a wholesale supplier to use for your online business, there are times when they need to know that you plan to sell their products in your online store vs. a brick-and-mortar retail store, and then again there are times when it really doesn’t matter. For example, if you are contacting wholesale suppliers and drop shippers through our Worldwide Brands Product Sourcing Tool, it doesn’t matter. You don’t have to tell these companies of your intention, because they already KNOW that. When we verify and qualify wholesale suppliers to be listed in our tool, they have the understanding that our members that contact them, want to purchase their wholesale products to place in their online stores. But, what about wholesale suppliers and drop shipping companies that are not in our Tool? Yes! Definitely tell them! And make sure to tell them whether you plan to sell in an online store or in auctions. Sometimes you will find that the wholesaler doesn’t want their products listed online for sale at all. If you are an eBay seller, it can be even more difficult to find a wholesale supplier that will work with you. Because of the huge competition on, some manufacturers feel that the auction style setting devalues their products, but they don’t mind if you want to sell in an online store with set prices. So don’t just tell them, clarify. Why are some wholesale supplier so picky? Well, look at it from their point of view. Most online retailers are new to the world of wholesale. Wholesale Suppliers know that they will probably have to spend extra time and effort helping those new sellers. There is also the fact that so many people start an online business on bad information, or start without putting much effort into it. So those retailers are likely to setup accounts with Wholesale Suppliers and then never follow through or buy anything. That is a wholesale suppliers waste of time, and leaves a bad taste in their mouths for online retailers in general. No business likes to waste time, time = money, and unfortunately that is the reputation that many small online retailers have earned in the view of Wholesale Suppliers. It is most definitely not deserved, since there are many of us that can successfully market products online. So because of the lazy retailers and the retailers that start their business the wrong way – all the rest of us pay the price in the eyes of the wholesale supplier. I personally don’t like to waste my time or others time – do you? Never be dishonest with a wholesale supplier regarding selling online. If they don’t want to work with a Home Based Business, and you tell them that you are not, they WILL find out eventually and could possibly shut down your account. It’s just not worth it. Being, up front and honest from the get go is the way to be. All of us here at wish you Happy Holidays!

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