You walk into a car dealership, and a salesman comes running up to you and shouts, "Thirty three thousand nine ninety nine!" What? Sounds like a lot of money, and you haven't even looked at a car yet. 33K for what? You spin around on your heel and walk out, wondering what kind of a reverse-threaded wing-nut this salesman is. No salesman in his right mind would ever do that to you, not if he wants the sale. So why do so many people place their product prices on the home page of their web sites, before the customer even has a chance to get interested in the product? This is a critical error that web site owners make on a regular basis. If you expect to have a successful product sales web site, you need to sell the product before you show the price. This is simply a fundamental part of retail sales, which is exactly what online sales is. When a potential customer comes to your site, sees the names of your products on your home page, and sees the prices right there next to the names, you haven't given your customer a chance to get interested in the product yet. So keep your prices off your home page. Keep your prices off your category pages, too. No customer should see the price until AFTER they've seen a picture of the product and read a description of the product. Another thing I see all the time when I critique and analyze web sites is product pages that show the price before the description. I see a picture of the product, next to it is the price and a "Buy Now" button, and then UNDERNEATH the product is the description. Wrong. The customer needs to see the product first, learn about it by reading the description, and THEN see the price and the Buy Now button underneath all that. The place I see this happening the most is on those cheaply cobbled together web site templates that all the "instant overnight success" scammers overcharge so many people for. Take your prices off your Home and Category pages, make sure your customer sees the product image and description BEFORE they see the price, and watch your sales conversion start to jump!

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