Your website will be hard to find when you first launch it. You know you have to have customers or you won’t make sales. At some point early on you will have to advertise to get the customers you need—so make estimating a products Advertising Potential part of your market research! If you are trying to start a business on a very tight budget then your advertising research will be very important in picking a product that can produce customers quickly and affordably. Here's another way to think about it: 1. Advertising will drive customers to your new business. 2. All product keywords have different advertising costs. 3. Some products are cheaper to advertise than others! So why not research to see which products will fit your budget? As your research progresses you will begin finding a lot of different products that will be good products for you to try and sell. The problem will become which of those products should you start with? You need to determine which of those products can be advertised the most affordably after you launch your business; so you can start generating some customers that aren't able to find your website yet. This is where determining a product’s advertising potential can help you find the best of the best that will fit your budget. Research a products advertising potential is one of the most commonly overlooked parts of deciding what to sell. In many ways, its one of the most important steps for a new online business...especially ones working on a very tight monthly budget. So do yourself a big favor when picking your products to sell and make sure you can really afford to sell in that product market before you launch your business! ***This has been a special excerpt from the eBook Simple Market Research. For full step by step training training and tutorials visit:

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