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Please descibe your business to our readers:
Our parent company UTM Distributing has been around since the 60's. We started selling cathode tube testing machines and switched over to general goods distribution for local brick and mortar stores. About 10 years ago we got into pet products and now pet is 99% of everything we do. Pet Stores USA was the first pet products drop shipper and we continue to lead in a number of categories. We don?t offer as many products as some other distributors however we do sell the top name brand items consumers expect to find in a store.

Please descibe your product lines:
We are all pet supplies. Our biggest categories are;
pet electronics such as in ground fences, bark control collars and remote trainers.

We also offer wire crates and kennels, beds, treats and toys in top brand names.

Do you have any advice for Online Retailers that want to sell your products?
Don't be deterred by competition. A lot of retailers get scared when they see our items are being sold by a number of retailers.

Keep in mind that means they are great selling items with a large market. If you present the items clearly with a nice website and good customer service you will be successful.

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