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Kole Imports, one our listed Certified Wholesalers since 2005, is a Wholesaler/ Importer. 

Tell us a little bit about your company. 

The Kole Imports story began in 1985, when brothers Rob and Danny Kole began selling automotive supplies at their local flea markets and swap meets. As the business grew and sales increased they decided to add more categories of merchandise and soon began importing directly from overseas. They quickly became a major supplier of goods for discount retailers. Flash forward to today, where Kole Imports is one of the nation’s largest direct importers of general merchandise with a 250,000 sq ft. warehouse and headquarters in Carson, CA. 

We are still a family owned and operated business and over the last three decades, have become the premier wholesale distributor of fast-selling, unique items at discount prices. We have never strayed from our family business mentality and we continue to treat each customer the way that we would like to be treated. We are, and have always been, committed to being Your Profit Source ®.

Can you tell us more about your product lines?

While importing has, and will continue to be, our main business, we are also now a large volume buyer of all sorts of closeout and liquidation merchandise. This unique approach allows us to offer many different types of products, from everyday items to the more unique, to our customer base.  Our extensive catalog consists of over 6000 products and spans 35 different product categories. From tools to toys, party supplies to pet supplies and everything in between, we really have it all!

We further set ourselves apart by not focusing on the higher end flashy products that most online retailers are offering these days. Instead, through our own private label merchandise we are able to offer more of your everyday staple type goods. We believe these types of goods have a much broader appeal and that has lead to our tremendous success both with direct wholesale to retailers and through our dropship program.

Do you have any advice for retailers that want to resell your products?

As online sales continue to grow both retailers and consumers are realizing the tremendous benefits of selling online versus traditional brick and mortar retail. The biggest advantage is the tremendous reach of the internet; by listing products on just a few different marketplaces you can reach millions of buyers across the world! 

Just last month we celebrated the launch of The 100% redesigned and upgraded site now provides shoppers with a brand new user experience! Customers can browse our entire catalog, view current closeouts and specials, see real-time shipping quotes and pay for orders large or small directly through the site. We are very excited about the new platform and are confident that it will lead to more business both with retailers and consumers.

If we could give one piece of advice to current and potential customers it would be to take advantage of the tremendous variety that we offer. We have so much to offer that, whether you are selling online or through a retail store, you can truly be a one-stop-shop! Our team of experts is happy to help in any way that we can. Feel free to give us a call any time at 800-874-7766 if you have any questions about our product line, dropship program or anything else that you may need.  Also make sure to visit the new site!


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