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Dropshipper interview

C & N Reproductions has been a listed dropshipper with us since 2003!

Tell us about the history of your company:
C & N Reproductions, Inc. was started more than 22 years ago. We began making replacement parts for the Murray Pursuit Pedalplane. Many of them were being restored, but were missing parts that were not available. We made tooling, and then one part after another until we had completely retooled the plane, and could then supply complete planes to anyone who could not find an original.

Having previously been involved with making replacement parts for cars from the 50’s, it seemed like a natural to make a pedalcar with the look of that era. The result was our 55 Classic. Our next design project was our 34 Classic, which we have been making for about 8 years. Our latest version of that car is the 34 Classic Fire Chief car.

The parts business has been a key part of our business since the beginning, and we now offer hundreds of replacement parts such as wheels, tires, hubcaps, windshields and many others.

Our online presence has been an important factor in our growth, helped by our domain,

We are able to supply our cars with custom decals, and have done that for companies like A & W, Lennox, and Snap-on.

A vital part of our business is supplying our cars to our drop-ship dealers. Once approved, and set-up in our system, they are able to sell our cars without having to stock them. Once they get an order, and send it to us, we ship it to their customer, usually the same day. Our network of dropship dealers is able to reach a wide range of customers, and offer them our unique, high quality, ride-on toys.

Give us some more info on your great product lines:
Our main products are pedal operated, ride-on cars that are made of steel, and made in the style of cars from the 1950’s. We also have scoot-a-long cars that are not pedal operated and are designed for children ages 1-3. They also are primarily made of steel and will last for many years.

How does your company differ from any competition?
We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by the quality of our designs, and by our dealer friendly, and easy to use stocking and drop ship dealer programs.

Do you have any advice for online retailers?
A straightforward, easy to use website is a great asset for an online retailer today. Customers do not want to have to jump through too many hoops in order to place an order.

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