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Atkinson Engineering has been a listed dropshipper and light bulk supplier with us since 2003! We recently interviewed Ron Atkinson and this is what he had to say:

Tell us about the history of your company: 
I founded Atkinson Engineering in 1980, an unusual venture, which has both a creative side for retail consumption, and a practical side for industrial application. Original, the business manufactured quality handcrafted wood products including clocks, gifts, games and toys. In, 1990, after competition from abroad for wood crafts intensified, the business also developed a full-line machine shop for the manufacturing industry. Work included not only precision machine parts, thermoforming molds and prototypes, but also design development of specialized machines and product development. Since 1990, I have built two more proprietary product lines, including the Anchor Shop which manufactures welded decorative steel anchors.

The origins of the Anchor Shop began with a love for nautical items passed down from my father, an experienced Naval Veteran. I was born on the East Coast, son to Veteran Navy ABF1 Walter Atkinson. Walter passed down his knowledge and expertise from serving 22 years aboard US Navy aircraft carriers USS Coral Sea, USS Lake Champlain and USS Independence. After years of working with different kinds of materials in creative ventures and in business, my childhood passion of the Navy, and inherent desire to create, came to fruition when one day in 1996, my father and I decided to build an anchor. I then wanted to launch a business that would celebrate our passion for the maritime tradition. The Anchor Shop was born.  

Give us some more info on your great product lines: 
The Anchor Shop's classic looking decorative Navy anchors are handcrafted, made of genuine steel, and durable enough for years of display, indoors or out. Different colors and styles are available, as well as sizes from 1' to 6' in height. Customization is available, and often desired by businesses and organizations. The anchors are a frequent gift for the maritime enthusiast and a must have for any nautical themed room or decor.

How do your products differ from your competitors?
Our anchors are not the cast or molded style that is common with many lower priced manufacturers outside the USA. Our anchors are rugged, durable anchors handcrafted and finished in a wet paint or powder coated finish that will last for years. They are popular decorations for homes, cabins, lake houses, businesses, restaurants, military funerals or memorials, awards and displayed in churches or schools because of the symbolism the anchor provides.

Do you have any advice for online retailers that want to sell your products?
Don't be afraid to sell high-quality, pricier items. Explain the "why's" and provide a lot of details; ie; durable materials used. Testimonials from satisfied users are a big help as well. Set yourself apart by having unique items and customization. 
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