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Dropshipper interview

Cipher Auto, Inc has been a listed dropshipper and light bulk supplier with us since 2010! We recently interviewed Edward and this is what he had to say:

Tell us about the history of your company: 

We are a relative new-comer to the auto industry, but our founders, employees and factories all have years of experience on our side. We have taken that experience and turned it into clean and tasteful racing seats that we offer to retailers in the USA. We are the direct manufacturer of the racing seats. So get direct from us!  

Give us some more info on your great product lines: 

We offer aftermarket racing seats, racing harnesses, racing seat brackets & other racing seat accessories.Our aftermarket seats offer many perks that standard OEM car seats cannot offer. Such as individuality, comfort and performance. Our seats aren't just for racing cars! If you want an individual look and feel to your vehicle, then our seats fit that need! As the direct manufacturer, we aren't offering "rebranded" seats like you see on other sites.

How do your products differ from your competitors?

We have found that our seats have a higher aesthetic and are much more affordable than other brands offered.

Do you have any advice for online retailers that want to sell your products?

Be competitive and positive! Always remember that excellent customer service is key to online success.
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