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Dropshipper interview

Ceiling Tiles By Us has been a listed supplier with us since 2013! We recently interviewed Raya and this is what she had to say:

Tell us about the history of your company: 

Ceiling Tiles By Us, Inc, has been in business since August 2004. It started out as a simple idea to start a business doing something we love. My partner and I have always loved home decor and we decided to look online into something that's different that we could grow into a company of our own. This is something we wanted to do together, to build for ourselves and for our family in the future. We came across ceiling tiles and immediately fell in love with the idea. The colors, designs and just the overall presence of these tiles really appealed to us. We started a website and began buying small wholesale orders to sell as retail to the public and we just fell in love with the products and being able to start our own venture. 

Give us some more info on your great product lines: 

When we first started, our products were mainly Styrofoam and PVC ceiling tiles. We have now branched out into glassless mirrors, Armstrong tiles, wall coverings, PVC backsplashes, faux brick walls, custom painted styrofoam ceiling tiles, 3D ceiling tiles, textured ceiling tiles and so much more. Our products are available in 20"x20" and 2'x2'x4'. We are now not only carrying beautiful decor products and ceiling tiles, but also designing our own unique designs not available anywhere else. 

How do your products differ from your competitors?

Our products are great because they offer a variety and options. We do carry expensive and beautiful metal tiles, but we also carry affordable versions that look just as good if not better than the expensive tin tiles. Best of all - you can install them yourself! Although we do have some competitors selling similar products to us, we can almost always beat their prices as we buy direct from manufacturer in large volume for better rates to pass along to you! Our service is unbeatable and we go above and beyond for our customers.

Do you have any advice for online retailers that want to sell your products?

Our best advice to online retailers is to really love what you are doing and not focus on how much money you are going to make.If you truly love what you are doing and really believe in the product, your business will grow. Always provide the utmost in customer service and always go the extra mile. The first years are always the most difficult but it is important to stay grounded, budget, keep track of expenses and have a trustworthy team behind you.

What do you feel are the advantages of selling products online?

The best part about selling online is that you are reaching a vast amount of people who you normally wouldn't be able to otherwise. Social media and online retailing has become such a large and important tool in growing small businesses. You have customers all over the globe ordering and there is no need to advertise in print media when the internet is one of the largest resources out there. The advantages for the customer is that they know the reputation of who they are buying from-there is no guessing with online retailers and wholesalers because reviews and testimonials really provide a lot of insight into the company you are buying from.
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