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Home Based Business: Start It Right!


By: Chris Malta,

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People who want to start home based businesses often overlook the most important part of starting that business. Actually forming a legal business is the only way to make real money in a work from home business, no matter what anyone tells you.

A legitmate home business can accept credit card payments from customers, work with real wholesale product suppliers, apply for business credit in order to grow, and do many more things that are critical to earning real money.

It’s not hard to start a legitimate home business, though most people don’t realize that. Yes, it involves legal paperwork, but it can be as simple as typing “start business in (your home state)” into Google. Your state’s web site will have a very simple set of papers for you to fill out and file. It costs very little, and the benefits are tremendous.

Only 18% of all people who start a home based business succeed. Most of those successful 18% are people who start a legitimate home business.

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