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Fighting Words… Handling eBay Buyer/Seller Conflicts


By: Tisha Hedges, Director of Operations,

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Every online retailer occasionally encounters problematic buyers. While it’s very easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment, reacting to a customer’s bad behavior will hurt your chances of resolving the issue, and detract from your good reputation. Plus you can end up getting extremely angry, and that can always ruin your day. :)

Before a problem even emerges, write out a plan for how you’ll deal with it.

Some examples:
1. Decide how long you’ll wait before filing an unpaid item dispute.
2. Determine how many times you’ll call or email a buyer before engaging in a dispute.
3. Beforehand, craft the emails you’ll send, to avoid writing angry words you’ll later regret.

Put your problem resolution details on your listings, and make them fair and reasonable. This way buyers can see what your terms are and that you have a plan for dealing with whatever comes up.

They’ll not only appreciate the clarity, they’ll feel more confident that you’re serious about living up to your part of the bargain.

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