Now is the time! We're just a couple of weeks out from Christmas, and now is the time to talk to your wholesalers to get a running start in 2010! Wholesalers need to clear out their warehouses by the end of each year. If they don't, they get taxed on the products remaining in the warehouses. This is why back in early summer they were working hard to make sure they very closely estimated how many products they'd need to stock up on for this season. It's also why wholesalers start to run out of products at this time of year...because sometimes they underestimate! However, sometimes they overestimate, too. So, right now, many wholesalers have some excess stock that they really want to move, but know they don't have the time. So, contact your wholesaler. Ask them if they have any excess stock that they're willing to sell at a discount. If you have a little extra money to invest in products right now, you could easily find yourself earning much better profits moving into January 2010 because you were able to "buy low" right now. This won't be the case for every wholesaler, but it's well worth making the phone call at this time of year if you're in a position to do it! To learn more helpful tips about working with wholesalers, be sure to dive into the education that we have available in The Whole$ale. The Whole$ale Includes: • 19 Educational Video • 19 Chapters of Workbook Education • Short 'Test Your Knowledge' Quizzes • Bonus Videos • Recommended Resources Join Now and get instant life-time access to this education and a whole lot more!

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