A wholesale supplier wants to work with professional businesses. The more you present yourself as a professional; a wholesale supplier is more willing to work with you. It’s true! I’ve been copied on emails sent to Wholesale Suppliers from unprofessional sellers from time to time. For most of them, it’s hard to believe that anyone would send such a badly written email to a business and expect a warm response! Here is an example; Subject: blank i want to sel products you have send me catalogs andprices to i am making a ebay store to sell lots of products i was layed off fromworkd and need to make lots of money right know Now, if you were an account rep at a Wholesale Supply company, and you received an email like this, what would your first impulse be? Probably DELETE?! I take the time to respond sellers that send emails like these and explain why an email such as this makes a negative impact to a wholesale supplier. An Account Request Email is the first impression you are making to a Supplier. You need to make a GOOD impression or they will either 1. Delete your email or 2. Not even give you a second chance. Let’s tear this email apart and look at what’s wrong with it, and then I’ll show you an example of a proper account request email. 1. First, there was no subject in the subject line. Subject lines exist for a reason and should be used, especially in business emails. This person should have put something like; “Retail Account Request” or “Wholesale Inquiry”. A Wholesale Account Representative loves to get emails that have subject lines like that. It means more potential business for them, and they are sure to open & read the email. 2. There are obvious spelling and grammatical mistakes in the email. This is supposed to be an email, not an online chat session. Every sentence should start with a capital letter and there should be some form of punctuation at the end. 3. There are also misspelled words in the email above. Every single email provider out there provides a spell checker. Turn it on! I’m a pretty good speller myself, but not everyone is perfect. I always have my spell checker on before sending out business related emails, to catch those mistakes. 4. Words are running together with no spaces in between. That simply shows carelessness and indifference and is a great way to make a very bad impression and hard to read! 5. The email is a demand, not a request. “send me catalogs” instead of “Please send me catalogs.”. When you are making your first contact with a Wholesale Supplier, remember that you are the one at a disadvantage. Most Wholesale Suppliers already have plenty of retailers to work with. If you contact them in this manner, they won’t take you seriously. 6. The email gets into a personal situation. “i was layed off fromworkd”. As interesting as your personal life might be, or as much as you need to earn money for your family, a Wholesale Account Representative doesn’t care, especially when you first contact them. You may get to know your Account Rep later on and then exchange stories, because you will have developed a more personal relationship with your Rep. But the first contact should be purely business professional. Now, there are SOME things that you may want to mention to the Account rep, such as if you are visually impaired. As you may need to ask them to send you information with very LARGE lettering so that you can read it. 7. There was no signature in this email and for that matter, no salutation or closing. When you write a letter to someone, you say “Hello” or “Dear Chris”. You don’t just start writing words. When you are done with your letter you say, “Thank you,” or “Sincerely” and then you identify yourself with your full name. In a business email, you do the same, but also include the name of your business, phone number (if you want to provide it) and email address. Ok. Now that you have seen the bad, this is how you compose a proper email to a Wholesale Supplier. Subject: Retail Account Request Hello, My name is Tisha Rogers, owner of T. Rogers Enterprises, based in Orlando, FL. I found your company listed in the WorldwideBrands.com business to business database and I’m interested in setting up a Wholesale Account with you. Please let me know what information and qualifications you require from me, and I will be happy to return whatever it is that you need immediately. Thank you, Tisha Rogers Owner, T. Rogers Enterprises Tisha@trogersenterprises.com That’s it! Nothing else is needed unless you already know something about what the wholesaler would require from you. Short, to the point and professional. No misspells, every thing is capitalized as it should be and punctuated. Practice your letter writing skills and make that first impression a good one!

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