Hi Everyone, Thank you to everyone for their warm wishes and congratulations on my recent promotion to President of WorldwideBrands.com. I thought I'd take this opportunity to update you on the progress of Worldwide Brands and also give you one of the greatest tips you can use in your business today. Over the several years, I've worked at Worldwide Brands I've been very fortunate to get to know many of our customers. In fact, I just returned from travelling to the StomperNet Live Conference and then to Las Vegas to speak at the ASD/AMD Las Vegas Tradeshow. I want to especially thank our members who came up and said hello. It was wonderful to hear your feedback and fantastic experiences. I was delighted to meet one of our customers who started with Worldwide Brands 8 years ago, who is now selling on Amazon, is an eBay Powerseller, and has his own website. He commented that Worldwide Brands got him started in the right direction and even with all that experience he still loves to come to our seminars to learn more. It reminded me that one of the best forms of communication in the ecommerce industry is your customer feedback. Good or Bad, customer feedback will help you grow your business at an incredible rate. Let's take Worldwide Brands as an example. Last year, we sent out a survey to all our customers for their input. We got a fabulous response. Our customers asked for.. ...Education - So last year we built an entire interactive educational product based on selling physical products called the Whole Sale. ...Member Benefits - So we hit the road and talked to industry giants like Amazon and UPS to help provide you with the tools and education you need. ...A quick search feature to find suppliers faster - So we added a quick product search feature directly in your member center and we went even one further step and started a new section for featured suppliers. ...A way to communicate with others and the Worldwide Brands staff - So we created a forum where we all could talk to each other directly and our staff all joined Twitter. ...A Recommendation for the Best Merchant Account Provider - So we researched and found that we needed to create an offer specifically for our members. We got on the phone with Intuit and put together several highly competitive packages for merchant accounts and as an added Bonus you can get QuickBooks for Free with a merchant account setup. And that's only a few of the great new additions over the last year that Worldwide Brands has brought it's members. We've only just gotten started. Our team and myself will continue to strive to exceed excellence for our members. We continue full speed ahead on our mission to grow our database of Qualified Dropshippers and Wholesalers. We currently have over 8000 suppliers in the Product Sourcing Tool that represent more than 8 million products. We wouldn't have done all of this if it wasn't for YOUR Feedback. Every customer who calls, emails, posts in the forum or responds to a survey with great ideas and feedback is carefully noted so that we can improve our product and our service. As you can see, Feedback is one of the best tools that you can use to grow your business. Your customers' input is one of those golden tickets that can really help you improve your website or product, figure out what products to add to your site, or determine new channels of business. This idea of a customer survey isn't new, but it's a big ticket discussion at seminars such as StomperNet Live and ASD/AMD Las Vegas. Why? Because it works. Here are some simple tips when surveying your customers: 1) Keep your survey short and simple 2) Make it personal (a.k.a. From you, the owner) 3) Simply ask what's on your mind. 4) Do it today. In fact, that's one of the first things I would like to do as President of Worldwide Brands. I want to know more of your thoughts, challenges, wants & desires for your business. Or in general, any feedback that you want to give us. I set up a short survey through Survey Monkey. It's only 4 questions. If you're already a Worldwide Brands member or even if you're not, tell us what you need or what you're looking for to help with your business in 2009. I look forward to hearing from you. Click Here to take survey now Thanks again and always remember, Worldwide Brands listens. Colette Marshall President P.S. Follow us on Twitter: www.Twitter.com/WorldwideBrands - Keep up with latest updates on Worldwide Brands www.Twitter.com/ColetteMarshall - I like to tweet about everything I find helpful for our members plus more www.Twitter.com/TishaRogers - Tisha tweets about all the latest suppliers we've recently added www.Twitter.com/LesCowie - Les is our business development guru and he tweets about new member benefits www.Twitter.com/ColleenDarwent - Colleen is our Affiliate Manager and tweets all about the latest with our affiliate program. Login to Your Member Center to find all the other great bonuses I mentioned above.

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