In every market, there will always be a few big competitors who do their keyword research, put together a list of keywords, and then set to work fighting it out over the top positions for the handful of most profitable, high volume words. They get so distracted (or complacent) just focusing on the top few keywords... they never get around to working on the entire list. Now consider, in almost every market, when you map out the top 50 keywords, the search volume for these Top 5 "major keywords" adds up to less than the "secondary keywords" put together. Whenever you see this, chances are you can quickly "steal" half the traffic in the market from keywords the big guys haven't paid any attention to in months, or even years... Here's how: Step 1 - Map Out Keywords Start with the top 20-50 search terms in a market, including the "big volume" terms. I recommend you to try Google's Keyword Tool for this. 1. Just Google "Google keyword tool" or point your browser to: Keyword Tool 2. On the main screen, select "Website content" to generate keyword ideas. 3. Enter the URL of the site you'd like to analyze (yours or a competitor's) and check the box to "include other pages"... 4. Click the button to "get keyword ideas" to get a grouped listing of up to 200 search terms from a site. 5. You can get more accurate counts by switching the match type to "Exact", and see more info with the "show/hide columns" menu. By drilling down into specific keywords and variations, you should be able to create a pretty large list of candidates. Step 2 - Identify Major Players (And Their Weaknesses) Check the results for every search term you have on your list and identify any major players who are consistently appearing near the top of the high-volume SERPs. Then, observe where the major players fail to appear for the secondary words. This indicates when they aren't making a significant effort, and in most cases, that they aren't even checking their rankings. This gives you a significant advantage and a head start in attacking these SERPs using solid, time-tested SEO tactics. As you develop a stronger position in secondary keywords, you will begin to see new opportunities unfold: * Keywords where you can easily grab a "double indented listing" * Keywords that convert especially well, delivering more revenue per visit * Long tail traffic increasing, with many more search terms driving traffic Keyword strategy is far from boring - there are endless opportunities for you to grow your business. If you'd like to see this entire article for free, and get an 8-hour soup-to-nuts SEO course for only $1, Click Here.

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