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Email Copy

Email Copy

Have your own email program and a mailing list?

Get email content below to paste into your program.

Remember to change the XXXX's in the text to your affiliate ID and make any other adjustments that fit your program before sending!

Feel free to re-write the content in your own words. It's more personal that way!

Email 1 - Avoid Scams and Middlemen:

Hi [[Name]],

Are you struggling to find wholesale products to sell online from real wholesale sources?

The internet is full of scam wholesale suppliers that aren't real wholesalers at all. They will either take your money and never provide you any products or they are a middleman that is taking a piece of your profits.

Email 2 - Better Wholesalers = Better Profits:

Hi [[Name]],

Are you trying to sell products online from drop ship suppliers you found, but you have low profits?

You should re-look at who your vendors are. If you aren't working with real wholesale suppliers to supply you with products to sell then you aren't getting real wholesale prices.

Email 3 - Certified is Better:

Hi [[Name]],

Would you sell products online knowing that someone else was getting a piece of the profits you could have kept yourself?

Would you sell products online knowing that someone else was getting credit for your sales with the wholesaler and building their business credit, references, size and etc up in the background while yours stays the same?