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"I count myself incredibly fortunate to have *started* with WBI and not somewhere else.

In fact, when I was still reading the free stuff, a friend of mine and I were surfing sites for "wholesalers" (being very excited about this whole online biz idea) and she found a site she thought looked really good. So I went to check it out, and because I'd done my reading at WBI, I said, "Oh - not that one! It looks really good and professional, but this is one of those silly all-in-one deals and I'd never make money." ;)

Whew! LOL

Since then, I joined up, and my definition of "slow and steady wins the race" has stretched even further in the area of "slow". But I'm feeling totally blessed for all the training I'm getting. All in all, even though it will take me longer than I'd first thought - I'm feeling SO set up with good support, training, camaraderie, and techniques, that I am totally believing I cannot fail at this!

British Columbia, Canada

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